What is the Procedure of Court Marriage in Delhi?

As said, “Marriages are made in heaven”, but you have to go through various legal formalities while registering for your marriage. After solemnizing your marriage according to Hindu Act, under Arya Samaj, you also have to undergo legal procedures and various legal formalities for Court Marriage in Delhi.

Every individual has the right to getting married of his or her choice. Marriages are built on trust, relationship purity, faith and commitment. For getting a marriage solemnized as per Hindu rules and regulations, you need to adhere to basic rules and guidelines as written and subjected under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Procedure of Court Marriage in Delhi:

Court marriage procedure is to be followed by both the parties. Both the bride and the groom need to visit the office of the additional divisional magistrate during any working day.

Under Hindu Marriage Act 1955, a marriage is solemnized once in the Arya Samaj Mandir and it has to be registered under section 8 according to Hindu Marriage Act – 1954, by Delhi government. It should be done on the same working day without giving any notice to the parties.

Normally a 30 days’ notice is given while both the parties are present and then there are 3 witnesses who directly solemnize at the registrar of marriage who is appointed by the Delhi government. The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable where both the husband and woman is from the below mentioned communities:

  • Hindu
  • Budhist
  • Jain
  • Sikh
  • Or have converted themselves into any of these above communities.

Though Marriage Registration are different in every region and zone, but have to follow the same guidelines under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It is compulsory to register the marriage and one should be very careful while registering marriage.